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WristArt is a revolutionary wrist implant, comprised of interconnecting elements to mimic the human wrist joint. The design aims to optimize load and distribute force in the joint. The unique design provides a solid and long-lasting solution using a one-of-a-kind fixation plate. The system guarantees safe, painless, near-to-normal range of motion while preserving soft tissues surrounding the joint. WristArt is fixated with minimal bone invasion (close to none) and preserves and imitates the natural biomechanics of the joint.


The Advantages

Preserves natural biomechanics

WristArt is designed with improved biomechanics in mind. It is also fixated with minimal bone invasion (close to none). This concept allows patients near-normal range movement with fewer side effects. In addition, due to our dual centers of rotation, this enables near normal range of motion, imitation of the natural bio-mechanical joint, and better load distribution.

Eliminates common failure modes

The WristArt implant’s innovative design is based on fractal theory: Complexed segmental mechanical systems in nature tends to arrange in a spiral structure for its energetic stability and mechanical durability.A similar spiral structure can be seen in the carpal bones of the wrist joint. The assumption that the wrist joint complies with fractal theory stands at the heart of Fibioseq’s biomechanical approach.
As such, it overcomes the current failures with TWA:

  • Limited functionality, pain, and limited and range of motion of the wrist after TWA surgery
  • Frequent joint dislocation
  • Frequent bone implant loosening
  • Early implant removal followed by revision surgery of wrist arthrodesis
  • • Surgeon dissatisfaction and lack of confidence
Preserves local blood flow

Cortical fixation (locking plate fixation) of the implant preserves intramedullary blood supply, the spread of the forces through the outer surface of the cortical bone and prevent the destructive intramedullary piezoelectric effect. Dorsal cortical fixation = minimal intramedullary damage, preserves blood flow and allows better healing.

Simplifies surgical procedure

Advantages of the implant from procedural viewpoint: standard dorsal approach one-size-fits-all design, no left or right = shorter procedure, and small and easy to use surgical set.

  • Double motion rotation center enables flexibility in placement of implant and does not require additional steps in the procedure to ensure exact placement
  • Removal of minimal bone shortens preparation time of joint for implantation, enabling additional options if revision is required
  • Cortical placement as opposed to intramedullary placement enables further flexibility in insertion, allows revision to the implant site with minimal damage

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